Who made waffels?

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I am either very giddy or very sleepy and cranky and i love styling things, weather hair, makeup, clothes ect. It makes me happy...


Yea, a scene from one of my favorite childhood tv show, INVADER ZIM! This was 1 of my favorite episodes ever! So I wanted to make a vid out of this. ENJOY ...

Waffle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A waffle is a leavened batter or dough cooked between two plates, patterned to give a characteristic size, shape and surface impression. There are many variations ...

How To Make Waffles - Popular Recipes - Waffle Recipe | 40 ...

How To Make Waffles So you want to learn how to make waffles? Well, you came to the right place :), this site is filled with different waffle recipes from the simple ...


evenwiththerain: Kato Kazue art for Kimi ni Todoke. I dont know how old this may be, but if you like kimi ni todoke, well kazue just made herself 1000 cooler by doing ...

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Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints.

Guess who made waffles! - SodaHead

Gir did of course. And if you refuse to eat them he will cry and scream until you eat them. So don't make him cry. : ( "Gueeeeess who made waffleees!!!"

The Best Ever Waffles Recipe - Food.com

Every Sunday morning, my mom and I used to get up early and make these wonderful waffles. This recipe has been in the family for years, and I will ...

Guess Who Made WAFFLES! - Forumotion

Do you like waffles? Yeah we like waffles! Do you like pancakes? Yeah we like pancakes! Do you like french toast? Yeah we like french toast! 'Nuff said.


About Guesswhomadewaffles: think of something interesting about me so i'll have something to put here

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Pokémon Who Made Waffles - WAFFLES! 900000000000 - My ...

Your Face Is Stuffed With Waffles And Your Pokemon Eats Them All And Crys And Still Is Eating Some - Do You Like Waffles Song

Waffle Recipe | 40+ Different Recipes For Homemade Waffles

Find any waffle recipe you need on waffle-recipe.com. Waffle Recipe | 40+ Different Recipes For Homemade ... Now put half cup of batter you made in the waffle iron.

Guess who made waffles [MLP] - PS3 Youtube

I just had to audio: invader zim clip: My little pony friendship is magic I don't own anything

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I made it myself! You have my permission to use it! :3. - Click to play

Guess who made waffles by darkleprachaun on deviantART

What can I say? I absolutely adore Gir. Invader Zim, one of my favorite cartoons and Gir, one of my favorite cartoon characters. I was inspired by the e...

Guess who made WAFFLES~!!! by xXC0smic-HollyXx on deviantART

After several years of being on this site, I've noticed several troubling trends with the comic and literature creators on here. The points brought up here are mostly ...

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How to Make Belgian Waffles | eHow

How to Make Belgian Waffles. Characterized by a light, aerated batter and large, deep squares, Belgian waffles are a crispy breakfast treat that can be made using any ...

Basic Lightly Sweetened Waffles Recipe - About.com ...

This is a recipe for basic waffles, made with milk and eggs. Make these lightly sweetened waffles and serve with syrup or fruit.

GUESS WHO MADE WAFFLES - Uncolored by Dementiya on deviantART

The Key That Changed The World Deeply regret to advise you Titanic sank this morning, the fifteenth, after a collision with an iceberg resulting in serious loss of life.

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Guess Who Made Waffles!!! by TheOnePistol. Fan Art / Digital Art / Drawings / Other ©2012-2014 TheOnePistol. This was another request, this time by both my cousin ...

Guess who made waffles?!??! | Teen Opinion Essay | Teen Ink

But I need tacos! I'll explode if I dont have them! I have always been the kid who is more likely to stargaze than party. Read classics instead of Twilight. Learn ...

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Icon of Guess who made WAFFLES! for fans of Invader Zim submitted by RockNRollChick 13126787

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Classic Waffles Recipe - Allrecipes.com

A classic waffle recipe includes basic ingredients you probably already have on hand, creating a perfectly crisp breakfast item.

How To Make Waffles Recipe (Breakfast) - videojug

Video : Waffles recipe. This simple recipe for home-made waffles is guaranteed to be a hit around the breakfast table! Make sure you savour our waffles recipe.

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Guess who made waffles? on Scratch by Rteam ... Add this project to a studio you curate (or remove it from a studio) Just click on the button for any of the studios ...

How to Make Excellent Homemade Waffles | eHow

How to Make Excellent Homemade Waffles. For Sunday brunch, Saturday breakfast or as a quick late-night dinner, waffles are delicious and beg to be garnished with ...