Who played Stuart Littles father?

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... Stuart Little: Happy Mother and Father's Day!! This page is a candidate for deletion. Reason: probability fan-fiction. If you disagree with its deletion, please ... - Read more

STUART LITTLE. by E. B. White Published by: HarperCollins.Publishers, New York, NY. Further reproduction or distribution in other than a specialized format is ... - Read more

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Stuart Little: Good-bye, fake father! Good-bye, fake mother!..

Stuart Little quotes | Stuart Little: Good-bye, fake father! Good-bye, fake mother! Mrs. Stout: Good-bye, fake son! (Stuart drives off in the toy car)..

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Hugh Laurie & Geena Davis play piano duet in the film Stuart Little 1. Upload Sign in . Search . Loading... This video is ... Father/Son Piano Duet ...

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Stuart Little Wiki Navigation. On the Wiki. Wiki Activity; Random page; Videos; Photos; Popular pages. Most visited articles. ... is Margalo's deceased father in ...

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Stuart Little 2 is a 2002 American live action and CGI animated film, ... However, Stuart's father, Frederick Little, tells him that for every Little, ...