Will Kairi kiss Riku?

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Sora and Kairi Kiss... By sora_thekey May 11, 2009 9 Comments. Fire-icegirl and I were debating on how could Sora and Kairi kiss in a Kingdom Heart game: Ok lets say ... - Read more

Sora and Kairi Fanfiction - Let it Burn Part 1Destiny It had been an easy thing for Kairi to bring Sora and Riku to her room. The Princess of Heart had reasoned that ... - Read more

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Kiss Of The Firefly, a kingdom hearts fanfic | FanFiction

Title: Kiss of the Firefly Series: Kingdom Hearts Rating: T Pairing: Sora - Kairi - Riku Triangle Summary: Sora loves Kairi, Riku loves Kairi, and she loves them both.

Sora & Kairi Kiss - YouTube

Kairi will kiss him 8D!-----»♥«-----SONG: Sad Story (I see it as ... 7:23 Sora, Riku, and Roxas VS. Ultimate Marluxia by fullmetalpipsquek 497,432 views;

Riku x Sora - Kiss Me - YouTube

Riku x Sora CMV / Song: Kiss Me - The Fray Sora/Pie : http://www.youtube.com/user/NaRuki111 Kairi - Kaya : http://www.youtube.com/user/BrokenYouthCosplays

Let's kiss Riku by Kyarah on deviantART

Sora and Kairi kissing Riku. Because he is their important friend. I really like Riku, he went through a lot in the games to help/protect Sora and Kairi.

sora-kairi-riku (laura) on deviantART

Nerdy Kiss by NolyCS. 13 Comments #199 Teen Titans by 365-DaysOfDoodles. ... sora-kairi-riku Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist . Reply.

Sora and Kairi Fanfiction - Let it Burn Part 1 by ...

Sora and Kairi Fanfiction - Let it Burn Part 2Evolution ... Amidst the chaos of falling, Kairi took the moment to kiss Riku on the cheek.


About Kairi II - Kairi Series

Chapter 4-Goodnight Kisses *Sora and Kairi share secrets. *Namine and Kairi talk about their dates. *Riku and Sapphire confess their love for each other and share ...

Sora and Kairi: Kiss the Girl! - YouTube

Sora & Kairi - kiss the girl: How to Draw People Kissing [HTD video #2] ... Sora, Riku, and Roxas VS. Ultimate Marluxia: KH Drop Distance: Axel/Lea saves Sora:

Riku x Kairi | Publish with Glogster!

Riku x Kairi. charlie098. Next Glog All Glogs. Like. Create new Glog. Choose from the following Glog templates to start: previous. Poster Glog; by glogster; Wide Glog ...

Kairi: The True Forgotten Girl in Kingdom Hearts ...

I have to say I was a big fan of Kairi in Kingdom Hearts II. ... Sora and Kairi share a traditional Disney true-love kiss! A ... but Sora/Riku/Kairi is seeming more ...

Do you think Sora and Kairi will kiss in KH3? - General ...

Page 1 of 3 - Do you think Sora and Kairi will kiss in KH3? - posted in General & Other Titles: Or, in broader terms, do you think their relationship will go anywhere ...

rxs this kiss - LiveJournal

rxs this kiss the riku x sora community ... Characters: Riku (centric), Sora, Roxas, Kairi Rated: K Notes: Mostly Riku-centric, but there's definitely Sora/Riku.

Sora X Kairi by RikuXloveXx on deviantART

Sora X Kairi:Chapter fourWhen the movie ended Roxas and Riku were there fast asleep. Sora yawned and looked at Kairi. To his surprise she was asleep on his chest.

Gallery For Kairi And Riku Kiss - imgarcade.com

kairi and riku kiss ... Displaying (16) Gallery Images For Kairi And Riku Kiss...

Riku and Kairi Kiss Picture #104451614 | Blingee.com

Riku and Kairi Kiss picture created by Anti-Sora using the free Blingee photo editor for animation. Design Riku and Kairi Kiss pics for ecards, add Riku and Kairi ...

Kissing Riku by Lunael-Cosplay on deviantART

I' loveeeeeee this pic , the kiss for Rikuuuuuu , sorry Sora but you are not here Y___Y , I love you tooooo

• kingdom hearts sora But whatever riku Kairi David Lev

kingdom hearts sora But whatever riku Kairi David Levithan literary mismatch khgraphics fait par moi two boys kissing this will prob get no notes being posted so late

Sora, Kairi e Riku^^ Picture #115828201 | Blingee.com

Sora, Kairi e Riku^^ picture created by Kairy80000 using the free Blingee photo editor for animation. Design Sora, Kairi e Riku^^ pics for ecards, add Sora, Kairi e ...

[Watch Movie Online] Sora And Kairi ~ Jul 2014

Watch Movie Online, free streaming Sora And Kairi. Watch full movie Sora And Kairi in any format and HD quality.

:KH2: Sora and Kairi ::Kiss:: by Kite-Mitiko on deviantART

Sora and Kairi kissing!! XD They both look weird in ... When saw Kairi hug Sora I was like aww and when he was crying when aRiku appeared I thought Riku you're ...

Characters of Kingdom Hearts - Wikipedia, the free ...

During Kingdom Hearts, Riku is motivated by his wish to go ... In Kingdom Hearts II, Kairi gradually remembers Sora as ... she is revived with a kiss from her ...

Kingdom Hearts: Why the Hell Haven’t Sora and Kairi ...

Those select few out there who haven’t beaten Kingdom Hearts, ... I’d expect a lot more than a kiss. ... Fast forward to when Sora meets Kairi and Riku ...

Gallery For Kairi And Sora Kissing - imgarcade.com

Similar Galleries: Kairi And Riku, Kairi And Riku Kiss, Riku And Sora Kissing, Namine And Roxas Kissing, Kairi And Sora In Bed, Kairi And Sora Hugging, Tweet ...

riku and kairi - Browsing deviantART

riku and kairi 38,174 results. ... Sora x Kairi Kiss PLZ 2 years ago in Static. 219 Comments. More Like This. BAD RIKU 5 years ago in Paintings. 191 Comments.

sora and kairi kiss - Browsing deviantART

sora and kairi kiss 1,696 results. ... Riku x Kairi kiss PLZ 2 years ago in Static. 26 Comments. More Like This. Sora and Kairi pg9 8 years ago in Games. 23 Comments.

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kingdom hearts sora and kairi and riku ← Go Back > Pics For > Kingdom Hearts Sora And Kairi And Riku Showing ... Kingdom Hearts Sora And Riku Kissing, ...

Sora & Kairi - I Will Be Right Here Waiting - Video

Sora, Riku, Kairi Take Me Home 54 Views. By XMilleniumProd. 01:44. ... Sora & Kairi Kiss 5,136 Views. By: Metacafe Affiliate U. 04:27. Sora And Kairi

Sora And Kairi Kingdom Hearts 2 - Celebration Co-Ed

SORA AND KAIRI KINGDOM HEARTS 2 Paopu fruit in the dark margin and kairi no air submitted Mind where sora andmar , , q a questions , kiss in artwork oathkeeper of ...

KH1! Sora x Kairi Kiss PLZ by HeartlessKairi on deviantART

KH1! Sora x Kairi Kiss PLZ by HeartlessKairi. ... "Do you even want to save Kairi?" - KH I, Riku "I do." - KH I, Sora "I'll find Kairi. I know I will.

kh_het: Awkward - Sora/Riku/Kairi - NC-17

Awkward - Sora/Riku/Kairi - NC-17 Title: Awkward Writer: Cy Fur Rating: NC-17 Spoilers: References a major plot point in KH1. Characters/Pairings: Sora/Riku/Kairi

Kairi's Kiss Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a kingdom hearts ...

Hope you like it. BTW Sora and Kairi will kiss in this one. This scene was taken from the scene where you see them in the sunset so it's VERY short.

Sora & Kairi Kiss - onemillionvideos.de

Das Video Sora & Kairi Kiss darf nicht auf dieser Website angezeigt werden. ... Riku Vs Young Xehanort 3DS Capture Card hat folgende Views: 368,140

Sora and Kairi kissing - Kingdom Hearts Fan Art (240094 ...

Fan Art of Sora and Kairi kissing for fans of Kingdom Hearts submitted by boymeetsworld45 240094