Women are good managers?

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If you believe that people quit managers, not companies, then striving to move from Good to Great will help you, your employees, and your employer. - Read more

Hi friends I start a new gd topic who is good manager, man or woman. Before giving any conclusion, we should not forget the ability of males as a manager. - Read more

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Business executives. Studies show that women are better money managers and make wise investment decisions than men. FILE

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Womens are good managers than men? Try to keep latest information on the topic. The group may be given a topic and asked to discuss on the same manner.

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This is the group discussion on "Do Women make Good Managers?". Arithmetic Aptitude Data Interpretation. Logical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Non Verbal Reasoning.

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Women are good managers? Yes I totally agreed with this thing that women are good managers but it doesn’t means that men are bad managers.

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It is a wonderful comment made by the above mentioned member (ishmile). Women are certainly the good manager. Their devotion to work and sincerity is worth appreciating.

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Women managers are good. However, most manager women in my company know they have to be tough, bossier and more dominant in attitude because they have to keep up with ...


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Are Women good Wealth Managers? Husband and wife are independent individuals but their wealth creation will only move ahead if they move in synchronized manner.

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Links to resources to help women succeed in management and men to work better with women in management.

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-I believe that women are definitely good managers as they have the emotional quotient and are mentally more strong than their male counterparts in dealing with ...

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Where women managers are more common, ... I believe women make good superiors if they can get past the “gender stuff” and approach it like any other job.

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But the best women project managers also combine a logical, ... Still, how much you get paid is not (necessarily) a reflection of how good a project manager you are.

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There is no doubt that both men and women can contribute equally and efficiently to any kind of job profile. However, as people management practices in corporate ...

Women are Good Homemakers and Smart Money Managers

15 Jul 2012 Women are Good Homemakers and Smart Money Managers. Gone are the days, when all the financial matters were left up to the husband and women took least ...

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men vs women Expert Views on Men or Women is good as a MANAGER? from Kochi ... Irrespective of the gender one who has the ability to manage can become a good manager.

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Do Women make Good Managers? - Women make 42% of labor force. 51% of management professional and related occupation. 14% of fortune 500 executiv...

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10 UNASSAILABLE REASONS WOMEN RULE. 1) Women make [all] the financial decisions. 2)Women control [all] the wealth. 3) Women [substantially] outlive men.

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To what degree do they help explain how managers think? Can we learn about good diagnostic procedure by observing our medical counterparts? What do you think?

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You don’t have to be a woman to be a good human resources manager—but, according to research, you are more likely to be. Women are the ones most likely to bring ...

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Most of the management literature says good managers are authentic, open and honest. But according to one study, the best managers fake their emotions when ...

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Women In Business; Insurance & Risk Management; Operations. Going Green; Going Global; Hitting the Road; ... Are there certain characteristics that make a good manager?

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Why should there be more women behind the F&I desk at dealerships? The biggest reason is that they connect better with other women, especially female customers, said ...

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Interview : Indian women are very good managers ... Interview With: Ambassador Fred Hof, Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council and Former Special Advisor to Obama

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What Makes a Good Manager . If you are a manager, you probably know it’s not an easy job, and if you work in a team with a manager at the top you may wonder if that ...

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Women in small business - why women are good entrepreneurs and effective business managers

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The phrase "management is what managers do" occurs widely, ... They give mid and lower-level managers a good idea of the future plans for each department in an ...

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If I just could read people's mind when I ask the question: "What's your definition of a good manager?", the answer is obvious: it is natural that we think of the man.

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Women are good managers. I have had quite a few women managers and have gotten along with all of them and worked hard for them. I think that women are good managers ...


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But are they really? Are women indeed good leaders? And on top of all - how are women finding themselves in this stereotypically male environment?