Worst pickup lines ever?

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What are some of the worst pickup lines YOU'VE ever heard? Image via themissy/Flickr. Add Comment 27. Filed Under: ... I like the chat pick up lines,,, ... - Read more

During a recent visit to Madison, Wisconsin, my husband, my dad and I bellied up at the Great Dane brewpub for dinner. Over a few beverages, we began ... - Read more

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Worst pick up lines ever - the worst pickup lines for guys and how to turn her on instead...

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Anthony demonstrates some BAD pickup lines. Learn the 11 worst pickup lines of all time in this funny Smosh video!


WORST PICKUP LINES EVER! Smosh 2nd Channel. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 4,083,330. ... 5:32 BIGGEST PIZZA EVER by Smosh 2nd Channel 3,465,096 views;

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Here are the absolute worst pick up lines ever spouted from someone's mouth, that should never ever be said again in the history of mankind.

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The other day, Wendy asked you, our readers, to share the worst pick-up lines that you’ve ever heard. And, ladies, you’ve heard some real doozies!

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Are you looking for that someone special? Well, your initial approach can make or break your chances. Here are ten opening lines that you really should avoid.


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The Worst Pickup Lines Ever...and Why Guys Use Them When it comes to breaking the ice, would these guys get your number? (21 Photos)

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Worst Pickup Line Ever.. True story. OC.. Thinking about first time my Thinga getting pretty steamy." boyfriend and T had eex. Hey, baby. TE T were an enzyme I'

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It's been giveaway-palooza at CollegeCandy these past few weeks, which means we've had to get pretty creative when it comes down to giving all these ...

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Check out the 100 worst pickup lines. Poor Australia. ... Hey Beautiful, Wanna Hear The 100 Worst Pickup Lines Ever? 2 comments. Jan 7, 2013 4:40 PM; Gabriel Bell;

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In a search to meet Prince or Princess Charming, many singles encounter an awful lot of toads armed with the worst pick up lines. We've compiled the worst of the

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What’s your best pick-up line? ... Description: Consumers love food sold in clear packaging but it’s a struggle for food companies because light degrades food.

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 I’ve been having fun looking for the worst pickup lines ever. You know how guys are always looking for the magic words that will open a woman’s ...

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Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever “You know how some men buy really expensive cars to make up for certain shortages? Well I don’t even own a car” ...

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12 of the Worst Pickup Lines We’ve Ever Heard—and the One Pickup Line We Always Appreciate. by Carly Stern. SEE MORE “Do you have a library card?

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The BEST and Worst pick-up lines ever used in Kenya. 6,575 likes. Artist

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What's the worst pick-up line you've ever heard? Mine's: "I work at DHL, you can trust me with your package."

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Be sure to leave this pickup line ... If you somehow do manage to get a chick back to your place despite the fact that you used one of the worst pickup lines ever, ...

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Have you ever sat back with your friends simply challenging each other to find some of the worst pick up lines ever? Unfortunately I think this has happened

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We've all heard them.... maybe even said them..... so what are some of the worst pick-up lines ever?

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drubacca117. Except the series of events don't line up, unless you ignore things like the fact that we know Rose had the "Heart of the... This makes my head hurt.

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Worst Pickup Line Ever Tyler Oakley. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 4,907,200. Subscription preferences Loading... Loading... Working... 275,532. 7,025 ...

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Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples who are already together. It’s a great time to go out and meet that potential SO. But, beware! V-Day has a magical ...

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Pick up lines are a mistake every boy makes while trying to impress a girl. these lines won’t make her say yes even if you are the last man alive! warning!